Saturday Smoothie Roundup–02/21/15

Happy Saturday!

This has been one of THOSE weeks. Work issues, weather issues…and then the arrival of a glorious cold. Needless to say, I’ve been subsisting on soup & tea. And green smoothies. Because greens are overflowing with good-for-you-ness, and my poor little self needed all the nourishment I could get. Feeling better now, and just in time…to post my two smoothies of the week….enjoy!

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Saturday Smoothie Roundup–02/14/15

Welcome to the first installment of Saturday Smoothie Roundup. For this edition I have two smoothie recipes to share. One was gleaned from my Pinterest board, the other is one of my tried-and true inventions. Also, because Valentine’s Day and all that jazz….one of them is pink!

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Blueberry Pepita Smoothie

Coming soon…Saturday Smoothie Roundup!

Do you ever go on a Pinterest spree, only to realize that your lovely boards collect dust for eternity? Or am I the only one? Being the avid pinner that I am, (and seriously, if pinning were a job I would be a millionaire by now), I have an impressive stash of smoothie inspiration from around the web…colorful, vibrant, mouthwatering…and languishing unseen because I somehow end up making the same 2 smoothies… every….single…. time..

So my new challenge, which I choose to accept (cue Mission Impossible Theme) …is to execute at least two new smoothie ideas each week. Time to bust out of the rut!

And because I’m aaaall about spreading the loooove, I’m starting this weekly feature for you! Saddle up your blender and bag some fruits & veggies…It’s time for the Crispy Cupboard’s Saturday Smoothie Roundup…yeeeeee-hawwwwwwww! Continue reading