Welcome to the Crispy Cupboard!

I’m glad you stopped by. I love feeding people, and my Crispy Cupboard is bursting with delicious eats to share.

Let me start by putting on a pot of tea. Oh? What’s that?

Why is my cupboard “crispy”, you ask?

Because crispy means: “that which is almost crunchy”. Close, on its way, getting there! But still not quite cooked enough.

You know that moment when you are excitedly sharing your recipe for homemade coconut oil toothpaste..and your listeners give you an amused look and call you a hippie? But you know your organic shampoo is still full of chemicals, which means you aren’t quite that crunchy? Well, welcome home.

This is a cozy space for nutritional free spirits like you and me: the brotherhood of 80/20 health nuts…

Those of us who shop the perimeter of the grocery store, but can’t quite afford organic strawberries. Those of us who “mostly” eat like modern cavemen, but still find redeeming value in a hot bowl of steel-cut oats or a slice of crusty old-fashioned sourdough. Those of us who are religious about our raw grass-fed dairy, but buy Fage Greek Yogurt now and then (because who has time to make their own???). Those of us veggie enthusiasts with vibrant vegan Pinterest boards…who remain committed carnivores. Those of us who embrace Weston Price but keep forgetting to take our daily cod liver oil. Those of us who try to keep life low-carb, but still surrender to the siren song of Marshmallow Peeps.

There’s something sustainable, nourishing, and delicious for everyone here, whatever your camp: Primal, Paleo, Nourishing Traditions, Keto, Vegan, THM, Gluten-free, or none-of-the-above.

So welcome my fellow almost-Groks, aspiring Weston-Pricers, caveman-wannabes, Trim Healthy Mamas and nutritional Jedis-in-progress! I am honored to join you in the quest for health and crunchification.

Onward and healthwards!

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